The Challenge

Burhill Cargocare was part of the R.Bugg (Forwarding) Limited group of companies and, as a relatively new business, they needed sales leads to bolster the air freight side of the business. GSA was approached to provide leads in this overwhelmingly commoditised marketplace for freight forwarding services. Whilst Burhill offer a high quality service, customers, in general were reticent to change and are often under contract. It was therefore anticipated that a significant number of calls would be required.

Approach & Result

GSA worked with Burhill Cargocare to define the target list of companies and put together an approach to differentiate Burhill from its competitors. Operating a 3-prong approach, we profiled and identified face to face appointments, sales leads and quotes at the right level of business for Burhill, taking care to avoid leads that would be too small and where they could not be competitive. This resulted in a significant number of leads and quotes over an 8-month period and generated their single largest customer in the UK market.