OKI Europe offers a range of solutions to help optimise print and document workflows. This, together with an integrated suite of software technologies and tools, can help businesses take control of their print and document costs in a secure environment, whether office based, mobile or in the cloud.

The Challenge

With a database of more than 5500 partners & resellers across 10 countries in Europe, OKI were unable to determine the true value of each organisation since the data had been gathered by local representatives over some considerable time. This also meant that it was difficult to evaluate market potential and whether these companies were the right fit for OKI moving forward.

The Approach

OKI therefore decided to engage GSA to run a market tele-research project over 2100 hours, calling into these 10 countries using native speakers to ask a series of profiling questions based around size, turnover, stock-holding facility, routes to market, and their corporate focus and which competitor products they also represented.

Prior to the start of the project GSA understood data research to find missing telephone numbers (more than 40% of the data) across all countries.

The Outcome

The calling team spoke to 4575 decision making contacts with 2184 completed & 484 part-complete (not all questions) captures for the campaign accounting for 58.3% of all decision-making contacts. A daily reporting suite was set up to collaboratively monitor the activity. This included a breakdown in total and by country for all complete/part completes, associated costs per country and full database analysis.

This allowed OKI to have the best possible overview of the campaign and download completed data as the campaign progressed. Ultimately, it provided insight into their client base upon which to make future decisions.