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Lead generation

Telemarketing Training To Improve Your ROI

Telemarketing Training for Better Results from Outbound calling

Have you ever received one of those awful telemarketing calls that start with ‘How are you today?’ – It’s a tell-tale sign that a poor sales pitch is imminent. If you’re using the telephone to generate sales leads then telemarketing training is essential, especially if you’re calling large companies that can allocate a significant budget to working with your company.

We all spend a considerable amount of our working life on the phone. Have you ever given thought to how you come across and the impact on the perception of your business? Those involved in sales lead generation need to be able to influence prospects and customers quickly and positively in order to win business. After all, your people are your brand and how they come across will dictate how your business is viewed by prospective customers.

GSA run bespoke telemarketing courses both virtually using Zoom or Microsoft Teams and, where possible, at your office to ensure that your sales teams deliver maximum results from their telemarketing calls. Our telemarketing training is a blend of side-by-side listening to calls with appropriate feedback, and an interactive course.


Are your Telemarketing Campaigns Effective?

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Here are a few reasons as to why your telemarketing campaigns may not be effective:

If any of the above applies to you, GSA can help you and your team to deliver better telemarketing results through our B2B telemarketing training. Take a look at the testimonials from some of our clients to see how they have benefited from improved results following our tailored courses.

Often, salespeople are said to have the ‘gift of the gab’. But, that’s not the key skill when it comes to sales. Perhaps some selling skills are intuitive, and some are better than others at selling. However, much of what’s needed can be learned – and this is how we can help your business to succeed.

Telemarketing Courses

In house bespoke training options

Courses From £1750 to £4250 - based on your requirements


3 day in-house
bespoke training

What's Included

2 day in-house
bespoke training

What's Included

1 day in-house
bespoke training

1 day generic
in-house training

Online training/coaching

6x 1 Hour Online Video Coaching Calls
1 Hour Per Week


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What you'll master with our training courses

Ready to improve your businesses Telemarketing?

Talk to us about our training courses and coaching


Knowing how to be a competent telemarketer isn’t just about having a good personality and being able to talk to people. 

There are approaches that work and some that fail. 

Much of this isn’t intuitive so a good knowledge of the appropriate techniques is essential to ensure your telemarketing activities produce sales leads that convert.

How it works
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Step one

Book a consultation, tell us about your team and its challenges, and your telemarketing objectives.

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Step two

We’ll come up with a proposal for a bespoke course that fits the kind of buyer interactions that your team has on a daily basis.

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Step three

We’ll run a tailored course based on one, two or three days training.

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Our Telemarketing Training courses can equip your team to generate growth for your business by delivering more, and higher quality, leads. Contact us today on 0330 335 1380 or by using the form below for your free lead generation consultation or visit our FAQ’s page for more information.

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