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The world is getting smaller and, increasingly, ambitious organisations are looking outside of their home market for opportunities. Global telemarketing, using native languages, means your products and services can reach a much wider audience and you can target precisely the right customers.

Whether you’re a UK company wanting to conduct a global telemarketing services campaign to expand your business into foreign markets, or an international organisation wanting to develop your business in the UK, in Europe or further afield – we can help. GSA offers international telemarketing services to ensure that your lead generation activity delivers a positive return on investment.

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If calls to international target organisations are required, our global telemarketing  services teams with multilingual capabilities in Hungary, Romania, Spain and Poland can offer both native and fluent language speakers ranging from French and German to Spanish, and from Russian to Italian in addition to many other languages including the Baltic region. That means, whatever your international telemarketing objective, we can help.

There are several reasons why a need for multilingual telemarketing service might arise. Requirements may include:

  • Supporting new business development for partners or team in new markets
  • Multi-language customer care or customer service calls
  • Customer satisfaction research amongst existing international customers
  • Reseller and/or partner research across multiple territories
  • Profiling and segmentation into an international customer base
  • International data building for direct marketing and new market entry
  • Data cleaning of CRM databases
  • New product launches
  • Event and seminar invitations
  • International exhibition follow-up
  • Generation of fresh leads through prospecting to foreign markets

Our global telemarketing services mean that our clients can extend their reach into multiple different territories without the need to employ different agencies which drains internal resource and increases complexity. It also lessens the need for expensive staff on the ground.

The use of global telemarketing services is increasing and our access to both fluent and native speakers allows us to build multilingual telemarketing teams and international telemarketing campaigns to closely fit your requirements. We can provide ongoing calling activity or bespoke pop-up project teams.

We manage the entire process from start to finish which includes strategy and set-up through to tailored reporting by sector, country and area etc.

With GSA as your trusted partner for multilingual telemarketing services, we can help you grow your export business using the language of choice. We can also build databases for direct marketing into international markets.

Examples of international telemarketing campaigns have included:

  • A technology vendor wanted to speak to its 6500 European resellers, partners and customers to profile them in order to enable them to allocate marketing budgets
  • A trade association wanted to generate a consented email opt-in database amongst its European 40,000 prospect and customer database for GDPR purposes
  • A large chemical manufacturer needed to advise its 40,000 customers of a change in supply across Europe and set them up on a new ordering portal
  • A manufacturer of venting and cooling products used international telemarketing to build a database of targets in the Baltics to establish levels of interest in their product portfolio
  • An Australian SEO agency asked GSA to target prospective end-user clients across the whole of Europe
  • An American vendor of web fitness apps wanted to reach independent hotels and fitness operators in the USA and Europe
  • A producer of tree cutting equipment asked GSA to replicate their UK campaign reaching out to tree surgeons in Germany
  • A software vendor in the travel industry asked GSA to target enterprise level clients for their technology across the Benelux region
  • A supplier of specialist wrapping solution for yachts and cruise lines wanted to target global decision-makers for its protective coverings during refurbishment
  • An auction services provider for manufacturing equipment wanted to reach global manufacturers and purchasers of second-hand industrial machinery and asked GSA to follow up web enquiries

If you need a professional and experienced UK based telemarketing agency who specialise in multilingual telemarketing services to target UK and international businesses of all sizes, we have the expertise to provide what you need to make your global telemarketing campaign a success.

When we run international telemarketing campaigns for our clients, typically we generate face to face meetings, trials, demos, attendance at events, webinars. We can also conduct market research. Whatever your multilingual telemarketing needs, our international team can help. With a UK account manager to oversee your project and account managers in each of our overseas locations, you can be sure that your campaign is tightly managed.

Our multilingual telemarketing team provides:

  • Excellent language skills
  • High levels of communication
  • Bespoke daily reporting on performance
  • Security – we are registered with The Office of the Information Commissioner for GDPR and we take confidentiality and the protection of client data very seriously
  • Value for money using our UK and multilingual Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, and Polish teams where appropriate
  • Experience of running both UK and international telemarketing campaigns to get the best return on investment

If you need to secure your business multilingual telemarketing and global telemarketing services, give GSA a call now.

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