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B2B Appointment Setting Agency to Grow your Business

Even in this age of social media, relationships count for a lot. And, the tried and tested way for many organisations to do business remains face-to-face. That’s especially true when it comes to higher-value sales. There’s no point having a sales process, and expensive, sales professionals if they’re twiddling their thumbs in the office as opposed to sitting down to discuss potential contracts with target prospects.

That’s where sales appointment setting services come in. To reach the stage where you can close high-value sales, lead generation and new business appointment setting are fundamental to most sales approaches. Filling the sales funnel with qualified leads is crucial to growth and GSA specialises in B2B appointment setting services that put you and your sales teams in contact with senior decision makers.

How we can help you to maximise your results using B2B Appointment Setting

Whether you need appointment setters to target  key decision-makers in blue chip corporations, directors of mid-tier organisations, or managing directors and owners of SME’s, our sales appointment setting services put your business in front of the right purchasers of your products and services.  We can also provide B2B appointment setting services in multiple languages on an international basis. We carry out sales appointment setting in Europe, including the Baltics, into the USA and further afield. Check out our Multilingual Telemarketing Services.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

B2B Appointment Setting can be used for a variety of activities to boost your sales and lead generation activity:


When the value of sale is high, it’s unlikely that your target decision-makers will buy simply at the click of a mouse. Typically they need to evaluate your proposition, check out your credentials and, most probably, arrange to meet your sales representatives.

An initial meeting could be face-to-face or, increasingly, using Zoom or some other conferencing tool.

Whatever their, and your, objectives, a well-qualified new business appointment is essential to fill your pipeline and to fuel growth for your business.

If you’d like to talk to us about B2B lead generation services for your business, give us a call.

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Book a consultation, tell us about your business and your goals for the future.

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We’ll come up with a proposal and plan of action to help you generate growth for your business by delivering you with quality leads.

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We’ll work collaboratively with you to implement your plan and build your pipeline to ensure that you hit your growth targets.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

B2B Appointment Setting can be used for a variety of activities to boost your sales and lead generation activity:

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B2B Appointment Setting Features and Benefits:

There are many reasons to use a professional lead generation agency. At GSA, we know how to get the best results from B2B appointment setting campaigns. Benefits include:

B2B Appointment Setting Services For Your Business

Whether you need BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescale) qualified leads or opportunities based on some other criteria, GSA can run sales appointment setting services to suit your needs.

Whatever you want to use sales appointment setting services for, the key to a successful telemarketing programme is to ensure it is well planned and executed with great reporting. Our powerful CRM system maximises call efficiency and our multilingual teams can carry out large-scale sales appointment setting and database validation exercises across the world. Our B2B appointment setting campaigns range from small projects of just a few weeks activity through to large lead generation exercises of thousands of hours over several months or more.

To deliver results, we start with a good target list and a compelling proposition and, before any B2B appointment setting campaign kicks off, we work with clients to ensure that all the right elements are in place to give the best chance of success.

We also operate strictly within the GDPR guidelines and check all data against the CTPS opt-out register.

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Quality over Quantity

For the sales leads we deliver to our clients, we always favour quality over quantity. We value your time and want the new business appointments you attend to be as productive as possible. That’s not to say we don’t provide enough call volumes and lead generation for larger campaigns. We’ve undertaken many large calling exercises. Check out our case studies for examples of these.

However, we like to believe we’re different to many other B2B appointment setting agencies. We’re not a call centre with rigid scripts. We’re an appointment setting agency that engages in conversations to deliver the best B2B appointment setting possible that our clients need to grow their business.

Our success in generating appointments is backed up by high-quality reporting and KPI’s alongside regular feedback. Nothing is hidden and this ensures your campaign is flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. You’re always in control.

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What our happy appointment setting customers have to say


What responsibilities do your appointment setters carry out to ensure successful engagement with potential customers?

Our appointment setters are trained to effectively manage all aspects necessary to secure high-quality appointments. Their responsibilities include engaging potential customers, thoroughly understanding their needs, and scheduling appointments that align with your sales team’s objectives. By focusing on these key areas, our appointment setters help you to achieve your sales goals.
We’ve been around since the Year 2000. Our client base includes both large and small companies, and our testimonials demonstrate our ability to generate quality B2B sales appointments for our many clients who use us over and over again.  Our lead generation appointment setters are distinguished by their proactive approach and deep understanding of client-specific industries. Unlike typical B2B Appointment setters, we leverage strategic insights and bespoke communication strategies to enhance engagement rates. This approach ensures that each interaction with a potential client is personalised, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.
Our integrated sales lead generation services, including bespoke data-building, LinkedIn outreach, and email marketing, are intricately linked with our appointment setting processes. By generating a stream of qualified leads through these marketing channels and data-driven insights, we provide a solid foundation for our appointment setters. They, in turn, utilise this information to set up meaningful interactions with top prospects, ensuring a seamless transition from initial interest to actual sales appointments.

Longevity matters. Well-known brands trust us with their appointment setting needs. Many have used us for years, and our testimonials speak volumes for the collaborative work we do to set quality appointments for our many clients.

GSA stands out as one of the top appointment setters in the UK due to our comprehensive approach that combines technology, and multi-channel outreach with human expertise. Our team not only sets appointments but also ensures that these are with highly qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your offerings. Our robust communication, and KPI-driven reporting, alongside our commitment to quality interactions make us a preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance their sales pipeline efficiency.

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