The Challenge

Due to part acquisition of a leading European solvents & inorganics business,  a global chemical manufacturing company had to inform over 15,000 companies (32,000 contacts) in the UK, Europe, Canada & USA.

  1. that they were ready to supply them directly
  2. how the transition would affect them when ordering &
  3. where to find product information.

With the launch of a brand new web portal in January 2017, they had an 11 week window in which to achieve this.

Approach & Result

A team of 20 telemarketers with language skills in German, French, Italian, Spanish & English called over 11400 hours of telemarketing in 14 weeks (extended by 3 weeks). The campaign was split into two phases

  1. a scripted approach informing customers of the transition
  2. A semi-scripted call about how to open a new account & how to order from the new portal.

Due to the age & completeness of the data, validation & research became an import element of the calling with the team identifying and adding over 14,500 new telephone numbers. They spoke to over 19,750 decision making contacts providing complete information to 18,036 contacts. This represented a conversion rate of 91.2%, far exceeding the global chemical manufacturing companies expectations.


  • 2275 new accounts
  • 876 web demonstrations
  • Sending out 4921 digital catalogues.

Throughout the campaign GSA reported daily on results from each individual country putting in place a call to action for immediate price/product & customer services enquiries. We also measured & provided analysis on those likely to order, measuring propensity to purchase & detailed results by the hour per country. Calling took place on the global chemical manufacturing companies database (Salesforce) adapted for telemarketing with specific input from GSA.