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B2B Telemarketing Services

How GSA Can Help You; B2B Lead Generation Telemarketing

Our clients use our B2B telemarketing services to unearth significant opportunities to do business with potential customers who have a precise fit for their product and service offerings. Our professional B2B telemarketing callers enable you to target the right decision-makers for your business. We generate sales leads, face-to-face appointments, attendance at events and other valuable leads to ensure that your sales teams are never idle. That includes generating opportunities for cross-selling and upselling amongst existing customers.

Successful organisations use our B2B telemarketing lead generation services to grow their business in the UK, across Europe, in the USA and further afield. They don’t want to wait around for prospective clients to ‘hopefully’ find and select them rather than their competitors. They use our high-quality B2B telemarketing lead generation solutions to proactively target hard-to-reach senior decision-makers in large organisations in addition to key decision-makers in smaller businesses.

How we can help you to maximise your results from telemarketing
We help our clients, and their sales teams, to maximise the use of their valuable time and fill the sales funnel by putting them in front of customers that are interested in their products and services. Our B2B telemarketing services ensure that you laser target those executives that make purchasing decisions. This allows your expensive internal resources to focus on what they do best, which is driving the business forward and closing sales.

Key features of our B2B telemarketing lead generation services:


Criteria-based profiling to ensure that data from either your database or external data sources is fully cleaned, validated and qualified.

Data Building Services
Data building

Using our data platform, powered by artificial intelligence, and our bespoke data research team, we can build accurate target lists for your campaign.


We specialise in fully researching internal and external databases to ensure that you gain valuable market insight as part of every campaign output.


All our work is fully GDPR compliant and we are registered with the Office of The Information Commissioner.


We provide qualified B2B appointments and leads that fit your precise specification including BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescale) and other criteria.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Our experienced telemarketers will represent your company and brand exactly how you’d like your business to be perceived.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Our telemarketers don’t sound like robots. They focus on engagement and relationship building to identify customer needs and challenges that you can support.


We offer transparent reporting and feedback so that you’re always in control. This includes early call recordings for QC purposes, recordings for every lead, weekly teleconferences, and direct access to a performance dashboard on our CRM system.

If you want to achieve success using a B2B telemarketing lead generation service provider, it doesn’t happen by chance. It takes planning, strategy and intelligent data management. Our callers also use persistence and tenacity to research and track down prospects that are open to discussion and that are in the buying cycle. Our team are experienced telemarketing B2B callers that are used to engaging with decision-makers. They know how to work around an organisation to unearth the right people. And, they’re backed up by our powerful CRM that supports effective calling and follow-up. In addition, through our teams in Hungary, Romania, Spain and Poland, we can also run large scale multilingual campaigns that include data building, cleaning, and validation and lead generation.
How it works
step 1
Step one

Book a consultation, tell us about your business and your goals for the future.

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Step 2
Step two

We’ll come up with a proposal and plan of action to help you generate growth for your business by delivering you with quality leads.

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step 3
Step three

We’ll work collaboratively with you to implement your plan and build your pipeline to ensure that you hit your growth targets.

Telemarketing B2B - Conversations not Scripts

Director-level decision-makers don’t want to be sold to. Our B2B telemarketing lead generation team has conversations not scripts. That has enabled us to deliver new business appointments and sales leads with (amongst many others) the following brands/companies:

Our B2B telemarketing lead generation services can be used in a variety of ways to boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Whether you need telemarketing B2B support for a short project or an ongoing B2B lead generation campaign, GSA can help. It may be that you need to boost or enhance your current sales team at key periods in the year when your internal team is stretched. Or, perhaps you need support for a new product launch or a simple customer care exercise to existing customers Whatever your requirement, you can be sure that we’ll offer pragmatic advice and effective support.

B2B Lead Generation Services
Our B2B telemarketing services provide you with:
A valuable extension to your telemarketing B2B sales team

The team members of our high-quality B2B telemarketing services become a valued part of client teams. They have peer to peer conversations with prospective customers that build rapport and represent our clients’ business how they would like it presented. Our regular reviews and powerful CRM system provide clients with in-depth weekly reporting and analysis for every telemarketing B2B campaign. Our B2B telemarketing services team also record calls for quality control and provide clients with call recordings for every appointment, demo or other required outcome.

By using our tried and tested B2B telemarketing lead generation services, you can reach your target audience, build your pipeline of quality sales leads and ensure you hit your growth targets.

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How does your professional UK B2B telemarketing team approach outbound B2B telemarketing to ensure high engagement rates?

Whilst there’s no quick fix for telemarketing success, more than two decades of experience teaches us what’s most likely to work when it comes to outbound calling. This includes a comprehensive onboarding process that focuses on target audience and data building, proposition development, both tailored to your specific industry. This enables our professional B2B telemarketing team to employ a refined approach to b2b outbound. This sales strategy ensures informed conversations that not only capture interest but also convert potential customers into qualified leads. By understanding the unique aspects of each sector, and every telemarketing campaign, we maximise the chance of delivering results from your telemarketing activity.

Many of our B2B telemarketing campaigns are successful because we understand what works. Having worked in multiple sectors, targeting a wide variety of decision-makers, we know what lead generation tactics to apply to each outbound sales activity. GSA excels as a lead generation company by blending traditional telemarketing with advanced sales strategies suited to complex B2B environments. Our team is adept at navigating intricate business structures, focusing on building lasting relationships and achieving measurable telemarketing success through strategic planning and execution.

Our B2B telemarketing team are experts in outbound calling. Once they speak to a prospect, they know how to engage in order to procure quality sales leads. Our comprehensive onboarding process ensures that they are well-prepared, to present your brand effectively. Working alongside you during the set-up process means that our telemarketing team is ready to optimise every opportunity, which is essential for generating qualified sales appointments and effectively conveying your value proposition.

In our B2B outbound telemarketing campaigns, technology plays a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and enhancing effectiveness. We utilise cutting-edge CRM systems to streamline customer interactions and employ sophisticated data building tools to ensure that we have the right data to target. In addition, we use tools to integrate LinkedIn, and email marketing so that your telemarketing campaign is integrated, and optimised for maximum success. Superb reporting, including daily KPIs alongside weekly review calls, mean that we can swiftly carry out dynamic outbound campaign adjustments to significantly improve conversion rates and maximise ROI for our clients.
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