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Poor quality or ‘dirty’ data means wasted time and money, inefficiency and slower results in your sales, marketing and lead generation efforts. Managing and updating your data accurately, regularly and legally enhances the possibility of generating profitable new business.

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Regular database cleaning & validation is critical for effective business development. Accurate list gathering and data building are essential to any outbound direct marketing or telemarketing campaign. Whether you use LinkedIn for lead generation and data gathering or Google to research names and companies, good, reliable data is the platform for a successful telemarketing campaign.

Data Building Services

Our data building services will ensure that your internal staff resources can focus on what they do best, that’s winning new business.  Our data building services include:


  • Prospect data building to target new markets
  • Customer database validation to ensure that your CRM system is up to date with the right decision-makers
  • Removing gone-aways so you don’t waste money and valuable time targeting the wrong people
  • Updating contact details and adding missing data such as email addresses and LinkedIn profiles for multi-channel targeting

We use various solutions to ensure that your data is as clean as it can be. B2B data is difficult to keep up to date at the best of times. There are so many changes within organisations every year. So, maintaining the quality and integrity of the data you hold can be a full-time task. What’s more it’s a case of ‘garbage in, garbage out. If your employees don’t update your system accurately, the data you hold can very quickly become worthless and you may not even know it.

Poor data is the main reason why sales lead generation fails to deliver

There’s nothing worse than sending an expensive piece of direct mail, making a call or sending an email to the wrong prospect. Yet, most prospect databases are inherently inaccurate so your efforts at keeping data up to date may fail through lack of attention.

 Data Building Solutions

Whatever your target market and decision maker, GSA will build you a shiny fresh new list that you can market to immediately.

A bespoke methodology to build target lists

We deploy a bespoke methodology and use a variety of online sources to gather up to date contact information that is usually delivered to you in 7-10 days.

Accurate and legally compliant contact information that we build specifically for your b2b data project includes:

  • Name and address
  • Targeted decision maker job role
  • Phone number (including direct number where available)
  • Email address (personal and derived)
  • LinkedIn profile so that you can connect and engage

Data Building Services for Audience Targeting

Often, the focus for data building is on new prospecting targets. Yet, with frequent changes in management contacts within your customer base, how confident are you that you have the right contacts? Buyers come and go. For customers that perhaps buy from you infrequently, a new buyer may not have any relationship with your business. It’s crucial, therefore, to keep on top of changes so that you don’t risk losing valuable business opportunities.

Our data building services can make the difference between the success and failure of your lead generation and customer care activities. Whether you want to reduce customer attrition, maximise revenue per customer through product launches, cross-sell and up-sell or laser target new markets, accurate data will maximise the effectiveness of your efforts.

Accurate Data Building for Marketing Effectiveness

GSA offers a range of quality one-off or regular data building services in addition to data cleaning & data validation. These are tailored to your requirements so you can be sure that GSA data building services are the solution to all your marketing data issues.

  • Gathering consent – informed and unambiguous consent is increasingly required for marketing. We can gather consent using recorded calls and date and time stamped information
  • List Building — generate a bespoke list of prime targets through any combination of list gathering, online research and phone validation
  • List Validation — the only effective way to update business data is to telephone each record.  Using telemarketing research to add or validate contact names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses on your current marketing lists.
  • Data Cleansing — using a variety of processes to clean your data to ensure consistency, uniformity, uniqueness (de-duplication) of your data
  • Opt-out screening — against the telephone and mailing preference services to meet your legal responsibilities and prevent you falling foul of legislation
  • List Purchase — List sourcing through quality list providers and brokers

Maximise Revenue with Effective Data Building Services

Data building should never be a one-off exercise. It’s an ongoing challenge. It’s a task that you should devote time to every day in your business. Data building and data validation should be the heartbeat of your marketing efforts. The better your prospect and customer data, the more likely you are to identify and win new customers for your business, retain current customers and to ensure that existing clients spend more on your products and services.

Regardless of your chosen method of marketing, without a robust database, your lead generation activities won’t hit their target and will fall on deaf ears. Effective email marketing, telemarketing, direct mail or LinkedIn marketing, can’t happen when you don’t get the right message to the right audience. So, make sure you give GSA a call if you need data building services to bolster your business development.

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Understanding what your customers really think about your company is essential in helping to shape future sales, marketing and operational strategies. We engaged GSA to initially survey our customers by telephone but I then found their expertise was invaluable in helping to compile an effective questionnaire which would give us the answers we needed - and then in analysing the data we collected. Overall it was an invaluable project for us and GSA were invaluable in making it a success. Marketing Director Parentmail
"I am delighted with how this has turned out, it is exactly what I wanted. I realize that it wasn't the easiest task in the world today and I sincerely hope that as the months go on it becomes easier for you." Trading Supervisor Foreign Exchange Company
GSA Business Development, was contracted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council from November 2017 to May 2018 to provide telemarketing services for our GDPR consent campaign in the markets covered by this office. GSA called a total of 74,000 records and managed to secure a good consent rate. The company was responsive and always willing to listen to our fears and concerns. GSA is a cool-minded and professional TM agency, and I was happy with the results that they obtained. GSA was awarded the contract on the basis of a competitive tender, and so their costs were reasonable. Thanks to their efforts, we managed to cover our databank before the deadline of 25 May. I would happily appoint them again. All things being equal. David Marsden- Director UK, Benelux & Ireland Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC)
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