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B2B Telemarketing: Value-Driven versus Commission – Only Models

Value Driven

Rethinking B2B Telemarketing

In this blog, we unravel the layers of misconception surrounding B2B telemarketing and shed light on the tangible advantages of cultivating long-term partnerships with professional telemarketing agencies. 

In the realm of B2B marketing, where strategies like advertising, content generation, and social media have become staples, there exists a subtle yet significant disparity in perception when it comes to the deployment of B2B telemarketing services

Understanding What Adds Value

While companies readily invest in a range of marketing avenues to generate awareness, interest and sales leads, the narrative around B2B telemarketing often veers towards paying per lead, commission-based models, or results-driven compensation. That’s very different to how other methods are handled. 

To a great extent, this perspective fails to acknowledge the significant value that lies in the professional input and expertise, and the strategic acumen required to orchestrate a successful lead generation campaign

Streamlined Operations Through Outsourcing

When a company chooses to partner with a professional telemarketing agency for their lead generation needs, they unburden themselves from a multitude of operational complexities and managerial challenges. These include, amongst others:

  • The intricate and resource-intensive aspects of recruitment, from sourcing suitable candidates to conducting interviews, are entirely offloaded. 
  • Training, a continuous and time-consuming process, is expertly managed by the agency, saving the company the effort of ensuring their internal team is up to speed. 
  • National insurance and pension costs, which can accumulate significantly, are no longer on the company’s ledger, as the agency takes care of these financial commitments for their staff. 
  • Investing in specialised systems to facilitate effective and efficient calling becomes unnecessary, as agencies already possess cutting-edge infrastructure for seamless communication.

Expert Management and Enhanced Productivity

Additionally, the company doesn’t have to grapple with challenges such as providing sick pay or addressing gaps in resourcing due to absences for holidays and illness. This is in addition to the following:

  • Employee motivation and performance management, two demanding responsibilities, are expertly handled by the agency, which has a vested interest in maintaining a highly productive team. 
  • The inherent hassle of juggling lead generation campaigns while not being experts in the field is eliminated, as the agency brings their specialised skills to the table.
  • Moreover, poor productivity rates that might plague an in-house team are mitigated by agencies that often deliver up to four times the call output for B2B campaigns. 

By outsourcing to a telemarketing agency, companies can streamline their internal operations, focus on core business activities, and harness the benefits of expert-driven lead generation without the weight of these administrative and managerial burdens.

Beyond Cold Calls

Lead generation services are not merely about making cold calls and compiling a list of contacts. It’s a meticulous process that involves understanding your business, crafting personalised approaches, and identifying the right decision-makers within your target market. A professional telemarketing agency will spend a considerable amount of time working with its clients to establish the right audience with a view to building a valid target list. They leverage their expertise to create authentic conversations that nurture potential prospects into high-quality leads.

The Distinct Role of Appointment Setting Services

Appointment setting is more than a mere task; it’s a bridge between interest and action. A skilled telemarketer doesn’t just secure appointments but also sets the stage for fruitful discussions. Unlike other forms of outbound marketing, appointment setting requires a delicate blend of persuasion, empathy, and understanding of the client’s offerings. A long-term partnership with a telemarketing agency enables consistent refinement of this process, leading to higher conversion rates and stronger relationships.

The Multifaceted Skills of Telemarketing Professionals

Telemarketers often get bad press. However, typically, when a B2B product or service provider hires a telemarketing agency, they’re not just paying for calls; they’re investing in a team of professionals who have honed their skills over years. These experts undergo training to become adept at navigating conversations, addressing objections, and adapting to various industries and decision-maker personas.That’s even more the case when considering multilingual telemarketing scenarios. A nuanced approach translates into higher-quality interactions and more effective lead generation.

Accountability Through Long-Term Partnerships

One of the often-overlooked aspects of B2B telemarketing is the accountability that comes with a long-term partnership. Unlike commission-based models, where agencies are only compensated when a sale is made, a committed relationship ensures that the agency is equally invested in your success. This commitment extends to comprehensive account management, streamlined calling systems, and efficient campaign execution, effectively freeing your internal resources from the hassle of recruitment, management and maintenance of in-house campaigns.

Defining Parameters and Crafting Propositions

It’s crucial to recognise that your agency doesn’t control every parameter of the campaign. That’s where it is similar to handling outreach internally. Not every potential prospect is ready to bite your hand off to acquire your services. Client input is instrumental in shaping the target market, decision-maker roles, and the proposition being offered. Yet, a collaborative approach ensures alignment with your business goals and values. The agency’s role is to elevate those campaign elements with their expertise.. 

Beyond Timing: A Holistic Approach to Success

In reality, success isn’t solely determined by the timing of the call. Not every prospect is in the market right now. Most have incumbent service providers that offer what you do. Factors like the suitability of the offer, the perceived quality of the proposition, budget availability, and the prospect’s immediate priorities all play pivotal roles. Engaging with a professional agency means tapping into a wealth of experience that’s vital for navigating these dynamics successfully.

Event Telemarketing: A Strategic Advantage

Events are expensive. They are a big company commitment. Yet, failure to derive sales and ROI is common due, typically, to a lack of follow-up. In the realm of event marketing, telemarketing offers a unique advantage. It’s a personal touchpoint that can turn event awareness into an engaging opportunity. A professional agency can ensure that you’re enhancing the event’s impact. And, since follow-up is a key determinant of event success, a call to those attendees with whom you’ve engaged, can maximise event ROI

Investing in Lasting Success

B2B telemarketing services stand as a cornerstone of effective lead generation and appointment setting. That’s why a large number of the world’s largest and most prestigious organisations still use this form of route to market. 

And, when it comes to optimising the success of your business development outreach, working on a pure cost per lead basis can damage a campaign. It can lead to weaker quality leads with lower qualification, frustrated telemarketers, when they are not achieving results and thereby not gaining commission, and, ultimately, an agency that gives up. Would organisations run internal business development in that way? If they did, how has that panned out over time? 

To truly harness its potential, it’s crucial for B2B marketing buyers to recognise the multifaceted expertise, strategic partnership, and accountable commitment that a professional telemarketing agency brings. Embracing the value of a properly-funded, long-term, collaboration in the same vein as other marketing agencies will pave the way for lasting success in the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing.


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