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I’m often asked if we use scripts when we make cold calls. The answer is no. There are a number of reasons why that is. Typically, we phone senior-level decision-makers, often in large companies. For those scenarios, scripts fail to deliver. That’s not to say that a good call structure isn’t needed. But, when it comes to senior-level telemarketing, we feel that there are 10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don’t work if you want to develop high-value sales.

      1. They are typically stiff and it’s hard to deliver a script other than sounding like you’re reading
      2. It’s hard to build rapport when making a scripted call
      3. Prospective customers want to feel like you’re interested in them and that’s hard to do when you’re scripted
      4. Scripted calls tend to lend themselves to lower level and lower value scenarios
      5. Intonation and emphasis are crucial when it comes to engagement on the phone and it’s tougher to impart this when using a script
      6. Scripts are a sure sign that a sales pitch is coming soon. Who likes to be sold to?
      7. The use of natural language is vital in cold calling. If you must use a script, make sure it is as natural as possible
      8. Often, scripts fall apart when a customer interrupts or asks a specific question unless the caller is very well prepared
      9. Good telemarketers work best when they have the flexibility to adapt to situations within the call
      10. A good intro is the lifeblood of effective telemarketing. Most scripts tend to be standardized and situations differ

If you want effective b2b telemarketing, you need to ensure that you have a compelling introduction to the call. Thereafter, it’s about conversation not selling. Higher value sales require a consultative approach using good questions and active listening. Scripts tend to be ineffective in those circumstances. So ditch your script and develop your conversation and you’ll generate better results from b2b telemarketing.

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