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Don’t Leave it Too Late to Hit Your New Year Targets


For most directors steering the sales and marketing strategy for small to medium-sized enterprises, the start of a new year brings forth fresh aspirations, targets, and objectives. It also starts the build-up of pressure to deliver results. However, a critical aspect often overlooked in this drive for new business is the lead generation timeline.

Get Ahead of The Curve

Lead generation is the lifeblood of business growth, the driving force that propels companies toward their revenue objectives. Yet, this journey from budget-setting to hitting targets demands more than enthusiasm; it requires meticulous planning, decisive action, and proactivity. As the calendar inches closer to January, for some, the realisation dawns that the planning phase for 2024 should have commenced well before the first day of the new year.

The Time Factor

The process of client acquisition takes time. Certain products and services align better with certain market sectors. Market drivers, and triggers, lead to demand in some areas and not others. And, some decision-makers, and budget-holders, are more open to new initiatives than others. What’s more, gestation periods differ, and the decision-making process can be simple or complicated depending on the organisation. 

So, advanced planning is essential. Leaving it too late, and suffering the consequences of poor decision-making isn’t a good place to be, especially when targets need to be achieved. 

Avoiding Inertia’s Trap

Initiating these efforts as early as possible presents an invaluable advantage – a head start. Early implementation not only accelerates the learning curve but also facilitates a quicker grasp of actionable insights. This paves the way for testing and refinement, resulting in a more resilient and effective approach that propels sustainable growth objectives.

The temptation to delay the launch of business expansion strategies can lead to significant repercussions. Waiting for the perfect moment might, unknowingly, lead to missed opportunities and stall the acceleration of growth. Why let competitors surge ahead while you’re contemplating the ideal timing? That delay could ultimately impede your progress and market positioning.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

The crux of success lies in the early initiation of sales strategies. You can be sure that your competitors aren’t hanging back. Timely implementation doesn’t merely grant a competitive edge, though; it sets the foundation for a rapid learning curve. A proactive approach allows for regular adaptations, where necessary, based on real-time insights. This fosters agility and nimbleness in strategy execution, and the ability to react to changing circumstances. The process of rapid initiation bolsters the capacity for learning, enhancing sales strategies through continuous iteration and adaptation. Fast action enables you to change things around if they’re not working, not losing to much ground in the process. In other words, ‘the early bird catches the worm’.

Testing and Measurement

The inherent value of decisiveness extends beyond mere timing; If you want valuable output, you need significant input. Things don’t always go to plan. They also don’t always run to time. And, targeting potential customers can sometimes feel like herding cats. What’s more, not every strategy you deploy will be a success. You’ll probably fail a bit; sometimes a lot. 

Of course, if you have a tried and tested method for business development, keep going. If you need more, you’ll need more activity. Testing different approaches and measuring their success is key. This iterative process of refinement and recalibration forms an integral part of sustainable growth strategies. 

Set the Pace for the Year Ahead

Commencing lead generation strategies at the inception of the year isn’t just about initiating; it’s about setting the pace and trajectory for hitting and surpassing revenue targets for the year ahead. It’s the art of setting sail early, capturing favourable winds, and steering the course towards business success and sustainable growth. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes. 

A runner that sits at the back of the field for too long, may struggle to accelerate to win the race. Keeping up with the pace from the get-go is almost certainly the best way to remain with an opportunity to win the race in the final straight.. 

It’s ‘Almost’ Never Too Late

While the early start offers advantages, it’s vital to note that the window of opportunity doesn’t shut as the year progresses. The critical factor is action. As long as inertia doesn’t stifle progress, there’s always room for impactful initiatives. Even in the midst of the year, adaptation and immediate action can still yield substantial results. The key lies in a proactive approach, swiftly initiating marketing and business development campaigns and leveraging the lessons learned for swift yet impactful progress. Time may be limited, but the potential for growth remains as long as action overcomes inertia.


The urgency of early action cannot be overstated. It’s not merely a matter of starting; it’s about proper planning, proactive decision-making, leveraging the advantages of time, learning, and adaptability. Directors responsible for sales and marketing in small to medium-sized enterprises must heed the call to action now, initiating lead generation strategies with intent and commitment. Because in the race for business growth and revenue targets, the early bird captures not just the worm but the entire market landscape ripe for expansion.

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