Technology for Marketing

I attended the Technology for Marketing Exhibition yesterday at Earls Court. I go every year to see what’s new. This year I met some interesting people that can help our clients to generate new business leads and to win more business. It’s fair to say that not everyone wants to do or needs to undertake telemarketing lead generation. It depends on many factors.

So, I’m always on the lookout for services that can complement what we offer and add value to customers new business activity.

I chatted to an excellent small email marketing company that we can partner with to provide targeted email campaigns as a precursor to picking up the phone. I also met a good direct marketing mailing house that can create interesting mailers so clients can gain stand out by using a channel that fewer people are using. Once again, an impactful mailer can significantly enhance telemarketing activity and success rates.

In addition, I chatted with a company that can make sales presentations come to life in a PowerPoint format. It’s PowerPoint but not as we know it and can be deployed on laptop or tablet. It will enable our clients attending new business appointments we’ve made for them to be more effective and to close more business.

The above enable us to provide a more rounded business development service and to provide clients lead generation services across all channels that fits with their business and the types of customers that are seeking to reach. Along with our telemarketing services, social media lead generation and research solution, our clients benefit from a rounded offering that helps them win more business.

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