What does GSA stand for?

GSA stands for GET SOUND ADVICE. That isn’t some idle claim or silly idea.

When I was in corporate life in large organisations, my career was littered with examples of expensive ‘consultants’ coming into the company, not understanding our business, offering poor advice then leaving a trail of destruction behind. When we set up GSA, we were determined not to do this.

Originally set up as a marketing consultancy in 2000, our base is marketing and advice is central to what we do. It’s about pragmatic and practical advice that puts the customer first. As we’ve developed, over the years, into a lead generation business, those foundations remain and everything we do is transparent and based on frank discussion and client partnership. That extends to our approach to:

      • Proposals (even if that means clients don’t ultimately work with us if it’s not the right thing)
      • Set up and strategy
      • Clear and open live reporting including ratios, cost per lead, pipeline and the whole database
      • Call recording and detailed lead sheets
      • Ongoing customer communication
      • Post campaign wrap-up

Our clients tell us that amongst the reasons they work with us is that we provide unbiased advice and that we ‘get it’. That means we never over-promise and under-deliver. Our management team first seeks to understand clients’ business and what they’re trying to achieve before suggesting whether we can help. The support we offer could be for a traditional marketing or telemarketing campaign, social media lead generation, customer research or running a telemarketing training course.

If you’d like to experience this for yourself, give us a call.


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