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Work on Your Call List for Telemarketing Results

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Your lead generation efforts will fail if your data is inaccurate. Therefore, if you’re planning an outbound calling campaign, you will need to work on your call list for telemarketing results

Data Accuracy Maximises the Chance of Success

A good call list is worth its weight in gold. Once you’ve defined your sector and targets to which you want to reach out, you typically have 3 options:

      • Purchase data from a quality list provider
      • Build a database of contact details yourself or
      • Use an agency like GSA to undertake a database gathering exercise.

The quality of your list will define the success of your telemarketing or lead generation campaign. Good data enables you to reach more decision-makers more rapidly. It avoids wastage of time in the calling cycle. Poor data breaks the momentum. This slows down your ability to engage with decision-maker. The exercise is therefore likely to work out more expensive. It will also take longer to work and may even fail due to inaccurate targeting. Don’t let that happen to your lead generation efforts. Make sure you do your homework. Put the time in to ensure that your callers have the best data available from which to work.

Buying a Marketing List

If you’re buying a database from a list provider, choose on reputation and relevance. Make sure that the list you purchase is updated and cleaned as regularly as possible. Ask them for details. Ideally, it should be gathered and / or validated at least every 6 months. 12 months is most probably the norm despite claims to the contrary. Some list brokers offer guarantees. Either way, speak to a number of suppliers, get quotes and compare like with like. Don’t just go for the cheapest. It will end up costing more down the line if your results don’t stack up due to poor and out of date information.

Make Sure your List is Legal

Don’t forget to ensure that the data is screened for opt-outs using the CTPS and TPS telephone preference services. You don’t want to run into problems with data protection. Ask the list provider if they screen the data before you purchase. You must screen and withdraw opted-out data from calls. And, don’t forget, that it isn’t just at the outset that you need to screen. To comply with legislation, you need to filter your contact database for opt-outs every 28 days.

Focus on Segmentation

Work out where the best list can be sourced. In some cases, it may be better to do your own data build or ask a company like GSA to data gather for you. External providers may use a combination of LinkedIn and calls into your target organisations. If your target market or decision-maker is particularly specialised (e.g. Engineering Manager), you will probably need a broker. Brokers may specialise in that field (e.g. via an industry magazine or association) rather than looking at a more general list. If you can market to any industry, and any job role, you can opt for a more generic list provider such as Experian or Dunn & Bradstreet.

The key is to ensure that you select the right parameters. For example:

      • Location – national or regional? How far would you be prepared to travel for a new prospect meeting? Try to restrict the location to where you or your field sales team will travel and where you can profitably service.
      • Sector – Select your preferred industries and the most likely markets where you feel that you can be successful.
      • Size of business – Is your best work done with companies with more than 200 employees or smaller businesses?
      • Turnover – Do you need to go after businesses with, for example, a turnover of more than £20m to justify your fees?
      • Single or Multi-site – Do you only need single site companies at HQ where decisions are typically made or can you speak to the branch offices where local decision makers are located?
      • Job role / named individuals – If you need Facilities Managers or Personnel Directors, these job roles may not be available in any volume on traditional lists. This may force you into selecting an industry specific list or doing research on LinkedIn and data building yourself.

If you get the parameters right, you will significantly enhance your chances of delivering return on investment for your lead generation activity.

GSA helps businesses become more effective in their marketing and business development. We run outbound telemarketing campaigns into the UK, Europe and further afield. Also, with our experience, we provide telemarketing training to help sales teams improve their results.  If you’d like to know more, give us a call.


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