Why do Telemarketers Get Poor Results?

Failure is a relative thing. And, over what time period do you measure success or failure? Telemarketing certainly isn’t a precise science. There are all manner of factors that enhance or impede success. These include:

      • The quality of the data used for calling
      • The proposition / message that is used and call to action. What’s in it for the prospect?
      • The size of the company targeted
      • Knowledge of the decision maker job role that makes decisions to buy and understanding what challenges they face
      • The ability to reach the target decision makers
      • The time allocated to calling.
      • Quality of systems and processes to support the calls
      • The level of skills and training of the telemarketer
      • The attitude of the telemarketer and the ability to build rapport
      • The credentials and reputation of your business
      • The value of sale and gestation period before decisions to purchase are made
      • Two way communication between telemarketer and the business

I could go on. The fact is that no telemarketing campaign is the same and few telemarketers suit every campaign. We’ve had callers working on client business that have been very successful into one market but that failed when targeting another sector. The difference? Simply that it was more difficult to identify and reach the right person, the need was lower and the level of competition higher. However, the value of sale and ROI was greater. Hence, the desire to penetrate that target market.

So, if you’re deploying telemarketing as one of your routes to market, think about what telemarketers need to be successful. They certainly need good data. A full briefing is essential. Time to work the data and to build a pipeline is a pre-requisite. Give them the tools to make a go of the work. Make sure they have the skills and the gumption to keep going in the face of inevitable rejection. And keep lines of communication open. If things aren’t working, work with them to establish what might be changed to enhance success. If you use the above bullets as a checklist, you won’t go far wrong.

In a previous blog, we talked about why telemarketers fail when they open their mouths. The point was that they need to focus less on themselves and their products and services and more on the customer when on the phone with a prospect. Also check out our telemarketing tips articles where you can find more information on how to run an effective campaign. You can also download our special report on 10 Telemarketing Tips or check out our short 2 minute videos on how to build a successful telemarketing campaign.

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