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What Opportunities have you missed to grow your business?

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At time of writing, it’s only 11 weeks until Xmas. 2018 is flying by. How has your year been so far? Some businesses will have seen significant growth. Others will be lagging behind their targets by some way.

Some organisations will have financial years that start and end outside of the traditional Jan-Dec calendar, but it doesn’t matter when you start and finish, a year is a year and we have entered the final quarter as we hurtle towards the festive season.

How have your decisions impacted on your sales and profit?

As you look back, how have your decisions impacted on your sales and profit?

      • Have they delivered the numbers of new leads you anticipated?
      • Has your positive action made the difference or has inertia set in?
      • Have you waited for the ‘perfect moment’ to take decisive action?
      • Have you focused inwards leading to a stagnation or a decline?
      • Do you feel you’ve taken decisions too late?

Often, we get so consumed by what’s in front of us that we fail to move forward. We look down not up. We look back not forward. We ‘decide’ to design new brochures or recruit the right person. We ‘intend’ to launch a new website and it takes an eternity to deliver. We deal with customers that shout loudest while customers with big potential look elsewhere for their supply through inattention.

Don’t take your eyes off the goal

Whilst important, the above aspects of marketing and business development can serve to take our eyes off the ball. They can deflect our attention from crucial aspects of customer management and development, lead generation and so on.

      • How many customers do you have in your CRM system that you haven’t formally spoken to since January 1?
      • How many of those have serious potential for growth? What do you know about their plans?
      • How many prospects have you missed out on through lack of proactive lead generation because your focus was elsewhere?

The usual festive season slowdown isn’t far away. If you’ve got stretching targets for 2018 and beyond, how close are you to hitting them? What clear business development action plans have you prepared? And, what are you going to do to deliver the results before the end of the year especially if you’ve let the year drift by thus far?

There’s a perception that less business is done in December and the first week of January. If that’s true for your business, and you need results and want to deliver on your sales and lead generation targets, you need to act ahead of time. Most businesses have a time lag, a gestation period before sales and profit flow. So, you have even less time to drive for growth for year-end and set your business up for the forthcoming year ahead.

If you need to generate new business for your company and you need to re-engage with lapsed customers, introduce new products or services to current customers, book sales appointments, demos or generate quotes for your sales team, give GSA a call now. We can help with;


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