What Keeps your Customers Up at Night?

Do you know what keeps your customers up at night? Do you know what concerns they have about their job and business? If you don’t know, you should. Prospects and customers don’t care about the products and services you’re telemarketing at them. They care about what challenges you help them overcome.

Imagine for example that you’re a purveyor of non-slip footwear for use in manufacturing. Customers don’t care about the fact that your product has great slip resistance. They are interested in what that does for them. What may float their particular boat is that the enhanced slip resistance footwear reduces accidents in the workplace by 30% thereby reducing claims, costs, downtime. It may thereby increase profitability, deliver more up-time and enhance employee satisfaction. It may also give them a much easier life with fewer staff complaints and a lower risk of personal and corporate liability.

Too many cold calls start with a features oriented sales pitch about the products, services and the company that they represent. Whilst features amplify the benefits, they aren’t what it’s about. The sooner callers turn this approach on its head, the more engaged conversations they will have and the more positive outcomes and  revenue they will generate.

Buyers are time poor. They get innumerable cold calls each week. They have a million things on their to-do list and they’re constantly spinning business plates. Then, they receive a telemarketing cold call from a sales person trying to flog them some commoditised solution that they’ve seen before, heard a thousand times and they already use a similar service or product that does the job. What type of response should most cold callers anticipate given this scenario?

The fact of the matter is that when the caller realises that he / she needs to differentiate the call as well as the offering, the quicker they will generate more and higher value results. That’s not as hard as it seems. It’s about finding something appealing and presenting it in a way that doesn’t sound the same as everyone else. If the intro engages based on some of the likely challenges that keep them up at night, the telemarketer is much more likely to receive a favourable response even if that isn’t an immediate need. At worst, it will increase the chance of doing business at some stage with that client as opposed to a quick brush off.

So, before you make that next bland telemarketing sales call, think about your customer first. Put yourself in their shoes buying your products and services. Ask yourself the question ‘What’s really in it for them?’

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