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Why Use GSA for your Lead Generation?

Why use thumb

It’s a tough choice. We get that. There are so many companies out there talking the talk. But, which ones walk the walk?

Of course, we believe we’re great. Thankfully, our clients agree. Take a quick look at some of our testimonials. And, we’ve done lead generation exercises for some of the biggest companies through to small businesses. But what makes us special? We think that there are several elements of our approach that mark us out from the rest. Check out our video, and read on below:


Well this has to go at the top, doesn’t it? We get good results. But, these don’t happen by chance. We work hard at it. We generate opportunities that turn into business, and our clients have won large contracts off the back of our work.

Strategy & Planning

Everything starts with a robust strategy. We conduct a formal strategy session before undertaking any outbound calling. We plan to succeed and put in the attention to detail that means the lead generation activity has a much greater chance of success with a lower probability of going off the rails. That planning includes setting expectations and agreeing on what success looks like.


One of our core values is transparency. We know some of our competitors like to shield the clients from the inner workings. That includes people, systems and information. That’s just not the case at GSA. Everything is open and that means our clients are fully briefed and empowered throughout the campaign and they never have to ask for information.

This openness extends as far as reporting on a daily basis and call recording so customers can listen to the actual call for a given opportunity.


We run regular teleconferences and reviews so clients always feel in control. We send regular email update so clients are well-informed and customers receive regular ad hoc calls if we need to discuss something important. And, our communication also includes contact, where relevant, with the people actually making the calls for you. At the end of every campaign, we produce a full report so clients can learn from the whole process.

Attention to detail

This starts from campaign kick-off but continues throughout the life of a lead generation activity. We quality check every lead and provide a detailed lead sheet so that customers that work with GSA have the best information possible in advance of their sales opportunity.

Great systems and great reporting

Our powerful CRM system with built in telemarketing workflow allows us to be productive in terms of the number of calls we make. It also enables us to pull together valuable information on sales pipelines and market intelligence. This runs alongside secure daily reporting so that there are never any surprises. Our reporting includes analytics and research as the campaign develops so that clients have a fuller understanding of their target audience.


It starts from the top. You don’t get an anonymous account manager at GSA. You deal with the people running the business. And, communication includes contact with your callers, where appropriate, who provide ‘on the ground’ input of how client propositions are being received by their target customers.

Pragmatism & Honesty

We won’t try to ‘buy’ your business by over-promising and then under-delivering. At the initial strategy session, we identify all of the key elements and set KPIs for the exercise. If we feel that the targets are unrealistic, we’ll tell it like it is, even if some of our competitors are happy to push the numbers up just to impress.

Going the Extra Mile

We know it’s an over-used expression but, ask our satisfied clients. We work really hard for our customers. We start before we kick off and keep that going for the life of any project.


If it needs changing, we change it. We don’t wait until the end of the campaign when it’s too late. We won’t wait to hear from you. We will be on the phone if we feel a change is needed. And, if you want to switch things around, that’s fine too. We like to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

If you’d like pragmatic advice, without the hard sell, give us a call.

GSA helps businesses become more effective in their marketing and business development. We run outbound telemarketing campaigns into the UK, Europe and further afield. Also, with our experience, we provide telemarketing training to help sales teams improve their results.



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