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New business development is a process. It must be continuous. It must be part of everyday activity. It has to be genuinely owned by everyone. Below are the first 25 positive ideas to help you grow your business. We will publish more over the next few weeks.

Below is only a snapshot. It is not intended to be exhaustive or the only things you can do. It is intended to stimulate ideas and action. Use them as discussion in your business. Select them and prioritise and allocate action. Above all else, take action!

1. Call two lapsed clients to see how things are going. Meet them for coffee.
2. Make 5 prospect calls
3. Identify a list to target a new sector for your business.
4. Meet your best client and ask how you could help them further.
5. Tweet something interesting to people who could buy your services or recommend you.
6. Write a blog and use social networking to notify people.
7. Meet your whole team and ask them to identify three things that they can directly do this week or month to contribute towards the sales effort. They don’t have to be salespeople to contribute to or support the sales activity!
8. Comment on a blog or online article in your area of expertise.
9. Update one page of your website.
10. Write a press release and email it to a magazine in your industry
11. Write a ‘thought paper’ and email it to clients and prospects
12. Email your database with something of interest to them.
13. Go on some sales or other relevant training.
14. Attend a webinar.
15. Contact good clients and ask for a testimonial and/or a referral
16. Go to a networking event
17. Add your Twitter, blog, website, social media profile to your email signature.
18. Connect two of your business contacts in the hope that they can work together to create more business.
19. Make at the very least 3 phone calls per day. One should be to someone positive in your network. That conversation will inspire and motivate you. One to a prospective client or past client with whom you wish to do business. The third call to someone you think needs *your* help.
20. Start each day with a clearly defined objective so that at the end of the day your performance can be measured.
21. Smile when you answer the phone. It changes your tone to a more positive and welcoming one and makes people want to engage with you.
22. At the end of each working day clear your desk and make a list of the things you want to do tomorrow, you will feel better for this and less worried about all the things that have to be done.
23. Do a customer survey– There is evidence that customers are more loyal if you ask them how they feel about your service.
24. Use positive body language, positive words and a positive tone when on the phone or face to face. Make your personal presentation work it’s magic for you.
25. Read and comment on one interesting blog in your area of expertise per day. You and your business will grow as a consequence

Ideas have been contributed by our GSA network.



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