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We are often asked what makes a good telemarketing campaign and what the results should be. The reality is that the results vary dependent upon your business. They also vary based on the type of campaign and the nature of the calling itself. For example, it’s much easier to gauge likely results if the calls are part of a ‘call centre’ type campaign where there is often a high volume of scripted calls to sell a simple solution to a fixed audience. But what if the calls are to senior-level decision-makers in big companies? What makes the difference and how can we enhance success? And, what happens where there might be a variety of different decision-makers?

Naturally, there are lots of variables and each exercise in B2B selling may be different. However, typically, when targeting senior decision-makers in good companies, there are certain components that enhance the probability of success. These are our 3 principles for successful telemarketing. We call them the 3 ‘Rs.  They are the 3 most important tools in telemarketing that you need to develop when making calls to pitch high-quality services.

These key elements are:


By relevance, I mean that you should really think about who is your target audience. What sectors fit your service offering? Are the companies you’re looking for local, national or international? Who is the decision-maker. Are there several? Who buys your kind of services? What do they respond to? What is their pain?

With the above in mind, what have you got in your armoury that they might need or want? How can you position what you’re saying to stimulate maximum interest? What’s your ‘elevator pitch?’

There is nothing more powerful than a proposition that’s relevant and succinct. Buyers must be seduced by what you have to offer. The more relevant it is for their business, company or role the better the likely result, and the quicker you’ll be able to generate a useful sales lead.

And don’t forget to build an audience and list that is accurate or you risk shooting at the wrong target!


Relevance supports rapport in that you’re hopefully talking about something of interest to the decision-maker. In addition to this, it’s both about what you say, and how you say it. Body language is the most potent communication method but you lose most this on the phone unless you’re using Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. So, in many cases, the only influencers you’re left with are your tonality and the specific words you use.

Few buyers will ant to engage with sellers that lack energy. Be passionate and engaging about what you say. Vary pace and tone to emphasise what you are saying but don’t forget to listen to what your prospect says. Use good questions. Repeat back their language. Use evocative and engaging ways to describe your service and what you’ve done for other companies in their industry. Smile while you’re on the phone. If you’re flat, they won’t engage. So use your mouth and two ears in order to build rapport using a well-honed proposition relevant for them.


What’s in it for me is a common term used for the sales process. It is true. The person on the other end of the phone is under pressure. They are being pressurised by their boss, shareholders, stakeholders, customers, difficult employees, the bank manager, and, quite possibly, their kids and their spouse. Your call is an interruption. So why should they bother? Find the ‘what’s in it for me?’ and ‘why should I see you / buy from you NOW?’ and you will be more successful on the phone. Is it pain or gain? Does your offering take something away from them that is bugging them (e.g. cost or risk) or enhance something (e.g. productivity)? A pain-based proposition is generally more potent than one based on a potential opportunity. But whatever it is, you need to find an outcome for them that makes them want to engage. Does what you offer to make them look good in front of their boss or help them do their job better / faster etc?

However you approach your particular requirement, the quicker you focus on mastering these 3 important elements, the more likely you will be to deliver success.



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