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I’m often asked how to ensure telemarketing success. When running telemarketing training, it’s a question that often pops up and when we run b2b telemarketing campaigns for clients, it is also something that we are at pains to stress.

My answer is simple. There are two prime factors that ensure telemarketing success. These are:

      • Target Audience definition and profiling
      • Proposition development and call to action

The reasons are simple. Telemarketing is a route to market. Therefore, to be effective, you need to know what sectors, locations, types, and size of business you can profitably trade with. You also need to ideally identify the job roles that make the purchasing decisions. The implication of not having a cleansed database or list with accurate information including job roles is that you bounce the organization trying to find the right person and inevitably get blocked by tough gatekeepers when you don’t have the right name. This sucks time and money out of your telemarketing campaign. The quicker you reach the prospective buyer, the quicker you can make a sale or generate an appointment.

Assuming that you have a good list, the next factor is your proposition. What have you got to offer that is compelling for the decision-maker? What is going to make them want to trade with you? What’s going to make them junk their current supplier that may be contracted for 12 months and may have been working with them for years? And what is going to encourage them to meet with you or give you an inquiry given the above state of affairs?

If you can bring these two factors together, you will ensure that your telemarketing activity is more productive. Ultimately, if you get this strategy right you should see more success from your calls.


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