Do you Have to be Pushy to be Successful in Sales? – A Podcast

A question that comes up a lot when I’m running telemarketing training is ‘do you have to be pushy to be successful in sales?’

We think that’s an intriguing question because there may be two schools of thought. One side might say of course you do. Without drive, energy and the killer instinct, you will never reach the heights of top salesman and propel your business forward. On the other, one might say that pushy salespeople alienate customers and that style of selling is outmoded and that nowadays it’s about consultative selling.

The reality is that there are a number of skills required to be a successful sales person. I’m sure if we asked 100 people if they like to be ‘sold to’, 99% would say no and the other would be a salesman and he’d say ‘hell yeah’.

But it’s much more about buying than selling these days. Buyers are bombarded with sales messages every day. So, it’s much more about helping customers to buy and solving problems, especially for high value sales, than overt selling.

So, what attributes and skills support successful selling? The following elements are what we consider to be fundamental when it comes to being successful in a sales environment.

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