New Business Development for 2015

It seems to me that there is something in the air. It isn’t seasonal snow. It is a wave of optimism. Given that business development is what we do for a business, it isn’t unsurprising that we have occasion to speak to clients and prospective clients on a regular basis. Add to that a degree of networking and online social media use and it’s fair to say that we have a reasonable view of what’s going on.

We’ve seen a significant upward trend in a number of indicators since around September. These are:

1. The level of new enquiries by phone and via our website
2. The number of new clients
3. The number of past clients coming back to us
4. The level of interest shown when we make telemarketing calls for clients
5. The number of clients suggesting that they are optimistic for 2015 and are also seeing more opportunities
6. Our clients that are seeing a loosening of purse strings from their clients

This isn’t to say that good times are here quite yet for everyone. However, it hints at optimism and that mentally companies have readjusted and maybe they are finding new ways to differentiate themselves in a leaner meaner way.

So what are our quick ready-reckoner top tips for 2015.

1. Be optimistic and look forward
2. Work hard, plan and focus your offering
3. Understand what your competitors offer and try to differentiate
4. Research your market and ask customers what they want and what they value
5. Develop a clear plan for business development and build momentum and consistency into your plan.
6. Use all of the tools at your disposal – The phone, networking, Social media and content marketing and so on and keep doing what works best.

Have a great year!

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