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Google Hangout

Today, I recorded my very first Google Hangout. What’s that I hear you ask. Well, it is part social media and part SEO in many ways. I also see it as one of the tools in the armoury for a small business. It’s also a tool that is free and supports your web and online presence.

The link to my hangout on Essential Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses is here and I will write a précis of the tips in the next week or so and post that.

What’s interesting about this exercise, aside the fact that you can do it yourself, is that it brings with it significant SEO value. Even President Obama has even joined the hangout party. A really good article on why hangouts are important and growing is here 

Now, I kept my hangout more as a recording than a hangout per se so it acts more as a video (which in itself has SEO value). I didn’t progress to inviting people either in my circles or the public to participate which is where your credibility is further enhanced. I also did this first hangout video at home as a test rather than at the office. So, for this first one, it is hardly the most polished. However, I’m pretty chuffed with my mastery of the technology and, for me, it is another easy way to deliver useful content to my audience.

My website visitors are up circa 130% year on year and growing each month. That’s simply down to the content on our site (over 100 articles, podcasts, tips etc) and the fact that I ensure that I disseminate this info through our Facebook Page , on Google + itself, via Twitter and on LinkedIn . In other words, I make sure that the messages and information that I believe my audience will value will actually reach them. Nowadays, our web traffic is such that Google likes us and we get good organic traffic especially on Telemarketing Tips where we enjoy a lot of visits and where we’ve produced a lot of content.

I also recently recorded a 2 minute podcast on the most important factors for telemarketing success. Do take a look at that as there are some useful tips on that too.

So, what’s my point? It is this. Find what you’re good at in the area where you want to do business. Then get out there and pull together some useful content to share with your audience. That can be written, traditional video, podcasts or give Google Hangouts a go. That will support both your credibility and your business development efforts. And, it’s all eminently achievable for a small business at little or no cost to the business!

And please don’t forget to watch our hangout. There are some very useful tips for small businesses. We’d love your comments aside, of course, from telling me that I have a face for radio, that I should have dressed up for the video and next time use my office. I know all of that but I was so excited that I decided to share the hangout anyhow! 🙂

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