Lead generation online

Whilst I run a b2b telemarketing operation (thankfully a successful one that is still winning new business and retaining current business despite the ‘credit crunch’), I am becoming increasingly intrigued by online lead generation. There are lots of false promises and ‘pile it high sell it cheap’ offers for leads that puport to be quality. However, what interests me more is how service businesses can engage dialogue online to generate quality leads. I’d be interested to hear from those with a view on how companies can secure quality work via the web. Of course, I understand SEO and PPC and PPA and every other acronym. However, I also believe that with increasing commoditization, differentiation becomes more difficult. Hence, engaging content and a reason to believe for prospective clients must lead online lead generation.

My interest really lies in content and providing good quality information in terms of white papers either on sites that are relevant to your audience that draw clients back to your website, through interesting links and of course on the website itself. Follow this up with a webinar and engage the attendee. Follow that up with a call and the recipe is ready to cook.

Anyone that has successfully navigated the process from engaging content to an interesting download to a webinar through to business generation, I’d love to hear from you.


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