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How to Use Content Marketing for Lead Generation

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Don’t believe that content marketing works for lead generation?

Well, up until very recently we had our reservations.

Given that our business offers a b2b appointment setting, we naturally take our own medicine and do our own lead generation through telemarketing. The business also comes in through repeat work and referrals. However, something happened in July 2014 that made us sit up and take notice. It made us totally change our opinion of the impact of content marketing and social media. That something was a whole lot of sales inquiries. Now, this change didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been writing articles since about 2010. Sporadically at first. Then more frequently.

Up until June 2014, not only did we have an outdated website but also our blogs were delivered on the Blogspot platform independently to our website.

June came along and we launched our new website with an integrated blog. We ported across the blogs from Blogspot and set about rewriting and optimizing the content on each page of the new website. We also increased the frequency of blog writing and also started to curate content from around the web. All in all, we think we now have a nice site that is attractive and informative. Within the site is a knowledge bank full of articles and so on. It also features an extensive lead generation blog and an ‘expert posts’ section where we identify and post articles on lead generation from around the web that we feel would be of interest to our visitors.

So what’s the point of all this? The point is that since July 1, we have signed up a good number of opted-in email subscribers that want to receive our information. And we have had more inquiries in 6 weeks than in the last 6 years. Some of these have been excellent inquiries and we have won good business.

The only things I have done are:

      • Change my website to WordPress with a much more aesthetically pleasing design
      • Incorporate my blog
      • Up-weight the number of articles
      • Add a few podcasts and a Google Hangout
      • Work hard on adding backlinks and so on

The results? 179% year on year visitor growth. 45% longer on-site visits. A lower bounce rate despite the fact that our blog is the most popular area of the site. Our google positions have improved in some way and the first page is no longer out of reach for our keywords. But most of all, we have received significantly more inquiries.

GSA is a high-quality b2b telemarketing company. We deliver great results for our clients using outbound marketing. This success is evidenced by our testimonials. We also use inbound content marketing techniques as part of our own lead generation strategy.  So, if an outbound marketing company successfully uses inbound marketing as part of its lead generation strategy, shouldn’t you?

If you’d like to know how GSA Business Development can help generate growth for your business or you’d like to book one of our new business development and marketing strategy workshops, contact us now on 0845 658 8192 or use the form on this site.


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