How to Increase Buyer Rapport on the Telephone

I run a lot of telemarketing training and one of the most common questions that come up in terms of desired outcomes from the course is ‘How do I generate and keep buyer interest?’

I could flippantly answer, and sometimes do say, that the answer is that you need to tell them something of interest. The end!  In many ways, I could genuinely end this blog here. But that wouldn’t be helpful, would it?

However, sadly too many callers fall into a trap and persist with the same tired and stilted cold calling sales pitches that go something like ‘

      • Telemarketer: Hi Bob. It’s Jim calling from ABC Company. How are you today?
      • Prospect: Fine (on his guard through knowing immediately that he has a cold caller on the line)
      • Telemarketer: OK good. Well, Jim, the reason for my call today is that we’re manufacturers and suppliers of workwear and clothing and I’m calling to introduce my products to you and to see how we might be of assistance to help you with your staff workwear needs.

Very interesting isn’t it? No? Well no it isn’t. And what’s more, it’s the same or similar approach that the last dozen telemarketers used with that buyer and that the next dozen will use. Buyers are tired of the sales pitches and tedious calls. That is absolutely not how to build buyer rapport.

If you want to capture buyer interest, ask yourself what your buyers are likely to be interested in. It isn’t difficult. Buyers are motivated by things that affect them. They are interested in their issues and challenges. They are worrying about stuff that keeps them up at night. And if you call and interrupt them with the same tired old script, what do you think will happen?

Hence, the way to gain engagement and to keep buyers involved in the conversation is actually quite simple. They are interested in how you can help them to get rid of the challenges they have or how you can assist in improving areas of operation within their scope of influence in the business. They want to look good to their peers, their boss, and their team. If you align what you say to the above, you will succeed more frequently. It won’t work every time but you definitely won’t achieve your aim if you continue on the other overused paths above.

Identify industry, company, or job role issues and make what you say fit these. Find a solution to their problems and back it up succinctly by showing them that you’ve done this before helping similar companies. Build rapport from the outset by not making your call stiff and a product sales pitch. Show genuine interest. Ask good relevant questions. Use terms like ‘I’m not sure that this is relevant / an issue for you and so on.

The best way to do senior-level telemarketing and to keep buyers interested is to not sound like a cold caller. It’s hard enough as it is. So, increase your chances of telemarketing success by turning your call on its head. Don’t think about products, services, and sales. Think buyers. Think solutions. And the opportunities and sales will come to you.

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