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Handling sales objections professionally is crucial whether on the phone or face to face. Typically, we are programmed to ‘answer’ objections and to consider them as a block or something that is an attack or interruption to our sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is not a good stance to take when handling buyer objections. Techniques can definitely help. However, before trying the 8 objection handling skills below, it is important to ask good clarification questions so you can delve deeper into the reasoning behind the objection.

A relaxed approach and a good knowledge of open questions will serve you well. The key to dealing with buyer objections is to consider them more as requests for information.

Use open questions like ‘who, what, where, when, why, which and how’ rather than diving in with defensive responses. More of this in a future blog!

Once you’ve unearthed the answers to your questions above, turn the objections into opportunities by utilising different methods. Below are a few examples of ways to deal with those tricky situations. Adapt them for your business to suit the kind of objections you receive.

The Boomerang: Bouncing back what they give you.

      • Yes, we may be more expensive than some telemarketing agencies, but you mentioned, you offer a premium service and you need to reflect that quality when speaking to senior buyers on the phone.
      • I agree. It may take longer, but as you said, you want a productive campaign with a good ROI.

Objection Chunking: Take a higher or lower viewpoint

      • If we take a high-level view, what results have you got to deliver by the end of the year?
      • That’s interesting. What does your CEO think about the level of obsolescence in the process at the moment?
Curiosity: Don’t be sad, be curious.
      • Out of interest, what is it in your business that makes that less of an issue for you?
      • How do you handle compliance at the moment given the new legislation due in June?

Feel, felt, found:

      • I know exactly how you feel. A lot of our clients felt that way. What they found was that when they tried our…….. they realised/discovered….

Justification: Say how reasonable the objection

      • That’s a fair point. The solution is more expensive, but it is a targeted campaign utilising social media as well as telemarketing and the stats show that gets better results compared to telemarketing on its own.

Pre-empting: Handle a typical objection before it crops up (e.g. at the start of the conversation)

      • I know that you typically use brand X due to its low price but we’re getting a lot of client demand for product Y because of its durability…..

Pushback: Object (nicely) to their objection.

      • I can see that you might think that. It is strange though as our clients tell us that we are the lowest cost supplier for X. How are you comparing the two offers like for like?

Reframing: Change their ‘cognitive’ frame

      • I can see that I didn’t explain that well. What I meant was….
      • The cost may seem high, but our clients tell us they felt that the cost of not doing it is higher.

Techniques for handling sales objections become easier the more you use them. It is about practice and blending responses with excellent questions. It is also about documenting example responses and questions to typical buyer objections using the above in advance of the call. It’s absolutely not about ‘hard selling’ but understanding how your products or services will help others achieve solutions to their problems. If you focus in this way, you will see a much higher success rate in handling objections and ultimately generating more sales.

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