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How to Create a Successful Telemarketing Campaign?

How to create a telemarketing campaign

How to Create a Successful Telemarketing Campaign? If you’re considering running an outbound calling campaign to generate new sales leads, you want to give yourself the best chance of success. Whether you choose to undertake the activity in-house or use a specialist agency like GSA, there are 3 simple rules that will help your campaign fly. If you do the work, you’ll have a much better chance of delivering the results you need. And, don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Tips videos before you go.

1.Work out your targets.

Sounds simple huh? The key thing to remember is that you’ll never do any business if you target the wrong companies and/or decision-makers. When we run training sessions on this, we like to tell the story of the Olympic pistol shooting finalist who’s expected to win gold. Come the great day, the crowd goes wild. He’s expected to win gold since he has the best eye. He has the least shaky hand and his gun has been crafted to perfection. Even the bullets are hand filed that fly through the air with the utmost precision. He takes aim and fires but then the crowd goes silent. He wonders what happened. The problem is this. He was the best shot. He had the best tools for the job but he was firing in the wrong direction.

Rule number 1. Do the work on your targets and aim in the right direction or you won’t deliver best results. That means do the work on your data. Get a good list. Validate the data and make sure you know which job role and contact name make decisions for your product and service.

2. Work out what floats their boat

That sounds like a d’oh. But, so many telemarketers trot out the same old lines and rubbish. I’m often asked how to be effective at telemarketing. I always say. 1. Don’t sound like a telemarketer and 2. Say something interesting that’s going to float their boat. Would you engage with someone that sounds like everyone else and says the same thing? No? Then work out what’s genuinely of interest and start there.

That could be potentially pain or gain. Typically, pain is a stronger motivator than gain. If they have something that is either causing the business grief or creating an uncomfortable situation for the decision maker at their place of work, there is a better chance of a positive response if you have the solution. Likewise, if what you’re offering delivers a solution that propels the business forward (or advances the career of the decision maker), they will be more likely to listen and to meet you or your sales team. Work out what these are and your campaign will gain better outcomes.

3. Say it in an interesting way

When was the last time you spent hours at a party with the most boring person there? You wouldn’t would you? Well, it’s the same on the phone. Why would you listen to someone that drones on in a dull voice about stuff that doesn’t interest you? Wouldn’t it be more fun to have an upbeat conversation with someone that pricks your interest from the get go and is motivated?

We all have bad days. There are days when we’re tired. Maybe, you haven’t got rid of that cold that’s hanging around. Whatever your reason for being down, remember one thing: The customer doesn’t care. They have their own issues and maybe they even feel low themselves. So, it’s your job to be the antidote to their misery. That doesn’t mean that you need to go all ‘wired’ and hyper. That will most definitely switch them off. It simply means that your overall vibe needs to be positive. People that sound positive generally receive better responses to whatever they’re proposing than those that are at low ebb.

Whilst, sometimes, it may not be easy to be motivated, it’s really not that hard either if you recognise that’s how the best results are delivered.

Sadly, too often, telemarketers and the companies that employ them don’t devote time and energy to the basics. But, if you follow these 3 simple rules, your telemarketing campaign will see better results.

GSA helps businesses become more effective in their marketing and business development. We run outbound telemarketing campaigns into the UK, Europe and further afield. Also, with our experience, we provide telemarketing training to help sales teams improve their results.


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