Tell a Good Story and Generate More Business

As part of my new business development role, I often spend time with clients on new business development strategy. Most of my clients come to me because they need lead generation to grow their business and reach their targets. But often they are ill-equipped to generate new business since they lack the basic tools to do the job.

It isn’t about their skills or the quality of their work. In some cases, it isn’t even that they lack focus. The main challenge is that regularly, we find that they struggle to articulate with conviction what they offer and tell the story in a compelling way.

Buyers today are bombarded with commoditised messages that all sound the same. They generally have suppliers for most of what they need. And those suppliers are often contracted for 12 months or more.

So, with that in mind, why would a buyer engage with your business? Why would they listen to you whether that’s on the phone, via an email, at an event or even when they receive a nice mailer? Too frequently, businesses trot out the same bland information that competitors offer and fail to differentiate. They don’t understand why customers buy and they have no story to tell.

Now I appreciate that not every business has something unique. We have a new client that offers a pallet shrink wrap that is lighter and stronger than traditional alternatives. The cost per pallet therefore drops significantly for the customer but with greater security. That’s a great story to go in with especially if they can back that up with testimonials ideally in video format.

A while ago, I met a chap who was organising the Small Rugby Club World Cup to coincide with the real tournament. The idea was to get the smallest rugby clubs in the world together for a tournament at the same time. They were already speaking to the RFU (who agreed to support them) as it’s about grass roots and that’s a hot topic in all sport. What a great story! They will most likely get sponsorship and it’s a brilliant PR story that I’m sure will gain exposure.

Now I’m not suggesting that a North London Accountant or Manchester based Surveyor should organise a tournament or wrap their customers up in cling film. What I am suggesting is that every business must differentiate itself as much by its actions as by its services. People buy into what you stand for as much as what you offer. What do you believe? What will engage your prospective clients?

At GSA, we operate in a very commoditised marketplace. However, we position ourselves as experts in lead generation and our website conveys that positioning through lots of content around the topic. We have over 100 blogs on the subject of business development. Likewise, we have our Knowledge Bank where you can find Telemarketing Tips and other articles to help you grow your business. All of these things support our positioning and our story.

Likewise, when our clients speak to us, we don’t ram one solution down their throats. We are interested in their ROI and will sometimes dissuade prospective clients from using our services if we don’t feel that it is viable.

Whatever your business, people thankfully still buy people. And people want to hear about your story more than your products or services.

If you’d like to know how GSA Business Development can help generate growth for your business or book one of our new business development and marketing strategy workshops, contact us now on 0845 658 8192 or use the form on this site.

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