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Wow. This article provoked some mixed views to say the least. I am reprinting my comment below and I would recommend a read of the article:

A few years back, I was a member of the networking group BNI member in the UK. I do not feel the techniques suggested in this article are anti-networking. Networking is one route to market. It is not the only one. Companies wishing to grow need to use a range of strategies and to integrate them where possible.

No-one doubts that referrals are the best form of intro and business. However, there are other forms and lead generation via telephone is one of these and a very successful one.

I am not talking about spoofing (claiming something that is a lie) or double-glazing or so on. I am talking about b2b appointment setting into senior decision-makers. These guys are elusive and, if you cannot get an intro, and they remain a target audience for your product or service then I see no reason why a call is inappropriate.

Now let’s move on to the key point. Getting through. Let’s also assume that you have something of value for the CEO/MD. Let’s assume either that they don’t purchase this currently or that they do already have a current provider. Either way, competition is a reality and healthy. Companies change suppliers all the time. If the senior decision-makers is indeed the CEO (to be honest I’m talking about any decision-maker here), then the objective is to get through.

Sounding authoritative is imperative. Having some terminology that makes you sound important and knowledgeable is also key. But ultimately, you need to get through. This is not a scam. If you have something of worth that you truly believe in and that you feel is valuable, your goal is to get through. Don’ lie but recognise the gatekeeper is there to block you. It is sadly a game.

Hence, use valid and genuine tips and techniques to help you.

By all means rely on networking and other methods but don’t forget that the telephone is the most proactive and immediate sales and marketing method at your disposal.

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