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Are you Making Excuses for Insufficient Business Growth?


Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you making excuses for your lack of growth? I don’t mean your physical stature of course but your business stature. Do you look around you and say:

      • Brexit is going to have implications for my business and we need to reign our spending back?
      • There’s a general election soon and we had better hang fire on marketing until we know the outcome
      • We’re not seeing as many referrals and incoming leads at the moment. Things must be slowing down.

I could go on. If any of these sound familiar, beware. You could be falling into a trap. The thing is that many of your competitors won’t let outside issues distract them from growing their business. They’re out there trying to generate new business and to grab market share. And, they’re contacting your customers.

Focus forward not backwards

It’s not so long ago that we suffered the worst recession since the Great Depression. And, clouds haven’t entirely gone away not least due to the levels of worldwide personal and government debt. We don’t know what the future will bring both domestically, across the EU and further afield. However, one thing is certain. If you mope around crying woe is me, it won’t help. People buy people and if you’re not positive, it will rub off negatively on your sales efforts.

If you stop taking calculated business risks, which include activity to drive sales, your own personal downturn may be inevitable. So, buckle up for the ride and put your foot on the gas rather than the brake.

Control what you can, not what you can’t

You see, the reality is that you can’t steer the economy. You can’t influence Euro negotiations. You can only steer your own course through whatever happens and you have to concentrate on what you can influence. That doesn’t mean burying your head and ignoring what’s going on. You have to make sensible and reasoned business decisions. You need to evaluate the implications for your business. Aside from political changes, there are all manner of other things that can have an impact. For example:

      • New data protection laws
      • Increasing cyber attacks
      • Greater use of social media for communication and marketing
      • The changing workforce with Millennials overtaking Generation X
      • An ageing population
      • Auto-enrolment

These all present challenges and opportunities dependent on where you stand. You need to plan. You need to look at your marketplace. And, you need to be brave. You need to take action. Inertia is your real enemy. Your business and personal life can never be totally devoid of risk. We all take measured risks every day.

Work on the business

How much time do you put into working on your business? That means looking at your business and areas for potential growth. It means evaluating your service or product portfolio. It means assessing opportunities for cross-selling and upsell to current customers. It’s about identifying lapsing customers before they leave and doing something about it. It’s about researching your target market for potential new customers. And, it’s about looking carefully at marketing options and testing them to see what works.

If the business just comes to you, perhaps you feel you’re sitting pretty. But, are your customers exposed by any political, environmental, economic, social, technological or legislative changes? If so, do you need to spread your net more widely? Do you offer solutions for customer concerns?

Every day is an opportunity to make positive decisions.

Stuff happens. You have good days and bad days. Good months and bad months and, of course, good and bad years. It’s your job to make sure that the bad days don’t turn into bad months and the months into those bad years through paralysis.

There’s little doubt that you will have some failures along the way but inactivity means you’ll end up being a business that ultimately watches things happen all around you. You’ll be at bigger risk of decline than where you take positive action. Positive people are like a magnet and good things happen to them. So, stop making excuses for insufficient business growth? Focus on lead generation. Go get ‘em tiger!

And, if you really believe that you have an excuse for failure, check this video out and you’ll learn you can do anything to which you set your mind.

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