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Are you Doing Enough to Generate New Business for Your Organisation?

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I have had a very busy and productive week and it’s only Thursday morning. Reflecting before the end of the week with a day in the office ahead of me, I thought about what I’ve done this week to move my business forward.

In SME-land, we don’t have armies of people to do newbusiness. Companies with owner-drivers can only rely on themselves to generate new business. It’s definitely about DIY. We are lucky since we have our own telemarketing team that does client work and a business development manager in the North West in addition to me. However, I thought that it might be useful to detail a short chronology of my proactive week i.e. what I have personally done to generate opportunities for new business. Once you’ve had a look, perhaps ask two questions of yourselves.

      • Am I personally doing enough every day to move my business forward?
      • How can inject more momentum into my new business efforts


      • Client teleconference review at 10 am
      • 9 new business prospect follow up calls
      • Conversation with a marketing student for work experience to increase momentum for our social media activity
      • Umpteen emails
      • 1 proposal
      • 1-hour teleconference with my team regarding status on client activity including KPI’s and discussion on the status of our own sales pipeline
      • Reviewed and amended copy for our outbound ‘best of’ new business development tips email due to go out shortly (Please sign up on this page and we’ll be happy to send it to you)


      • Attended a charity networking event at 8 am in the City. Offered a free seminar to help them improve calling to corporate donors.
      • Attended TFM&A Technology for Marketing exhibition at Earls Court and looked at potential software to add PR and socialmedia to our client offering
      • Worked at Regus in central London for the afternoon on emails
      • Evening dinner meeting with Keith Holdt Investment Director of LDC Private Equity. Discussed who we can introduce to each other. Amazing Japanese restaurant. Wabi. You have to try it.


      • Traveled into London to meet Simon Taylor and Liban Nooh of WDMP. Great Direct, Digital, and Social agency. Discussed whether we can perhaps do something for them in the future and gave some tips on business development.
      • Worked at Regus near Bank for the afternoon on emails
      • Responded to a warm prospect email request
      • Made 5 more prospect calls and received several return calls
      • Met with Andrew Sharkey of Smithfield Consultants for an hour. Andrew is a past client and has moved firms. I agreed to introduce Andrew to a contact of mine and he said he feels he has a lead for me.
      • James Isaacs of BCR Associates called me following our meeting a few weeks ago. Wants to introduce me to a director at Chase de Vere and invite me to an event at Kleinwort Benson.
      • Attended the Evening Standard London Connections event where Michael Acton Smith gave a super presentation on the phenomenal success of Moshi Monsters. Spoke to a lawyer, a Nat West Relationship Director, the MD of a PR agency, the MD of an analytics consultancy, an IFA about auto-enrolment(one of our target areas), and to a past contact that had referred us in the past but who I hadn’t seen for ages.


      • It is now 11.20 am. I am writing this blog.
      • I have already emailed and connected on LinkedIn with those contacts from last night’s event. It looks like 3 very interesting meetings will come out of that!
      • I spoke to a prospective client that has agreed to a 3-day telemarketing training activity for his team in Edinburgh
      • I have made 4 prospect calls (more to come after lunch)
      • I have responded to two prospect emails
      • I have cleared my new emails

Busy week? No, just what it takes to generate momentum and new business opportunities. Am I a busy fool? It goes without saying that some of the above will lead nowhere. However, waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t work for me. As an owner of an SME, I need to be proactive and I cannot leave it solely to others.

What are you doing to generate momentum in your business?

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