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Are Values Important for B2B Lead Generation?

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There’s a lot of talk about values amongst marketers. Values are supposedly what a brand, or business, stands for. It’s the ‘takeaway’ that prospects and customers might derive from dealing with your business, and people. But, are values overrated? Does anyone care? Do they matter in a B2B context? Are values important for B2B Lead Generation?

Why Values Matter

I worked for almost half of my career within big brand organisations such as Cover Girl Cosmetics, Dunhill, Montblanc, and Porsche. To consumers of those items, brands mean something. They convey a feeling, a cachet. They make you feel a certain way. To different extents, of course. I’m not suggesting that buying a Porsche 911 is the same as putting on lipstick or mascara. Yet, it’s well documented that brands add value. Why do consumers typically pay extra for Nike, Apple, and Louis Vuitton? And these brands don’t only apply to wealthy consumers. It’s about aspiration and association. 

Trust and Integrity are Paramount

In the context of B2B marketing, perhaps values manifest themselves in different ways, though. We work with brands like Miele, Veolia, Ansell, and many others. Those brands are trusted within their sector. And, name-dropping helps in B2B. I’ll be honest that, of course, I mention our clients to maximise credibility. 

But, that’s not the point of this blog. Do values come into play in purchasing decisions amongst B2B purchasers? In my humble opinion, where this plays out is in your people. Do they espouse your values? Do they embody your principles? And, do they speak the same language? If they do, then your values will play a role in business development, and retention.

No Empty Promises

Senior decision-makers within SMEs need more than empty promises; they need a partner that embodies integrity, transparency, and collaboration. That’s where values matter in B2B lead generation. Just three of our guiding principles are shown below to illustrate what we mean. How do your values measure up? 

Integrity at the Core:

Integrity is the cornerstone of our operations. Unlike many lead generation companies that might promise the earth just to win business, we prioritise pragmatism and honesty. This means we provide realistic expectations and avoid overpromising. When you work with GSA, you know exactly what to expect, and we do everything within our power to deliver on our commitments.

Transparent Working Relationships:

Transparency is key to building trust. We believe in clear and open communication with our clients. This means sharing our processes, strategies, and the rationale behind our recommendations. In addition, we are KPI-focused, and share results with clients daily. By keeping customers constantly informed, we ensure that they’re always in the loop and can make informed decisions about their campaigns.

Collaborative Approach:

We see our clients as partners. This collaborative mindset allows us to work closely with them to understand, and adapt to, their unique needs and tailor our strategies accordingly. Our goal is to become an extension of their team, working together to achieve business objectives.

Living the Values can be Hard

At GSA, we try to live our values every day. This is not just a statement; it’s embedded in how we operate. And, it’s sometimes hard to do. With approaching 24 years of experience, whilst we don’t always get it right, we’ve learnt a thing or two about business development. That means that pragmatism is our byword. You don’t get fancy promises. Periodically, therefore, it means that clients don’t actually go ahead with campaigns when they measure risk and reward. But, we see ourselves as advisors, not sellers. 

Realistic Targets: We set pragmatic targets based on thorough research and realistic assessments. Guarantees are challenging in lead generation, but we aim to meet and exceed the targets we set, without making unattainable promises.

Being value-driven is More than Just a Ploy

Being values-driven is more than just a strategy; it’s a philosophy that yields measurable benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Trust: By operating with integrity and transparency, you typically build strong, trust-based relationships with your clients. This trust translates into long-term partnerships and better outcomes.
  • Higher Engagement: Authentic interactions foster deeper engagement with potential leads. When prospects sense that your business is genuine and values-driven, they are more likely to respond positively.
  • Sustainable Growth: Values-driven strategies focus on sustainable growth rather than quick wins. This approach ensures that the leads generated are high quality and more likely to convert, leading to a healthier sales pipeline.

Values Must Run Through Your Business

Without buy-in, values won’t work. Hence, every member of your team, not least that interacts with customers, must understand what’s expected of them. Consistency is paramount. Customers pick up on that very quickly. They can smell a rat. Inconsistencies show up that destabilise customer relationships. Every customer interaction must promote the values, even when it’s uncomfortable. We have a principle that we use which is ‘call the customer before the customer calls you’. Simply put, we must not shy away from awkward conversations. Every campaign can’t be a raging success. 

Customers must not be under any illusions. From our prospect conversations to our proposals, to daily KPI reporting, through to weekly review meetings, and our campaign wrap up report, we are consistent. That’s why customers use us and come back for more, even when some campaigns don’t deliver what we’d both want. It’s never for the lack of trying. Wouldn’t it be great if every company’s marketing campaign filled the sales pipeline every time? Realistic? I don’t think so. 

Looking for a Trusted Lead Generation Adviser?

Whilst I can’t guarantee your sales success, I can offer a positive working experience with GSA. So, if you are ready to explore how values-driven lead generation can benefit your business, contact us today for a consultation to assess whether our approach aligns with your needs. Let’s work together to grow your sales pipeline with integrity.


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