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A lesson from Masterchef in delivering customer service

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Our family love Masterchef on BBC2. If you haven’t seen it, try to tune in or have a look online and learn something about customer service.

What strikes me is the absolute search for perfection and the total passion for what they are doing. Trainee chefs give everything and by the end we’re all exhausted with them having followed their stressful endeavours to deliver the most beautiful food.

Last night, the finalists cooked for three of the world’s finest pastry masterchefs. In every episode, it stuns me to see the attention to detail and quality of food and service in Michelin Star establishments. Yes it is for the rich and famous in the main. However, the pride and passion shine through.

On a much more basic level, I received an email from the WOW awards today with a lovely story of customer service that goes beyond the norm. There are many such everyday stories. Once again I wondered what prompts people to go to extraordinary lengths to serve. Have a look at some of the nice uplifting stories from the WOW award nomintations. Perhaps ask yourself, what have I done inside and outside my business recently that could justify a nomination for me or my business.

I was privileged to be one of the judges on the awards this year and the awards ceremony is on Nov 4 in London.

Take a look at their website and maybe it will inspire you to think how you can deliver great service.

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