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7 Tips To Successful Improve Your Lead Generation

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Lead generation is far from easy. It’s a process and one which demands a great deal of effort and focus. Yet, there are so many choices when it comes to routes to market and so many ways that things can go awry and cost you money. It pays to focus on some of the things you can control. So, check out below our 7 things you must master if you want to succeed at lead generation.  

Clarity of Target Audience 

Ultimately, you can’t hit a target that you can’t see. One of the most important aspects of lead generation is segmentation. The more refined your audience, the more you can tailor your communication to the right decision-makers. Too often, sellers go to market with an approach that is wide and generic that instantly turns off their target market. So, start where possible with a focus on an audience that will be most receptive to your advances. 

Clarity of Purpose

It’s important to be clear on your desired outcome. Whether it’s via email, LinkedIn, by phone or through some other channel, the woollier you are with your call to action, the less likely you are to achieve your goal. Be precise about the outcome you want. If you want them to be open to receiving some samples, be clear about that. If you need to set up a face to face meeting, make sure that is evident. If it’s a web demo or webinar or an event you’d like them to attend, make sure that it isn’t hidden and is loud and clear in all communication. 

Clarity of Proposition

Why would customers buy from you rather than go elsewhere? What is going to encourage them to meet with you or submit to a phone call or demo? They’re busy people, so you need to be very clear as to why they should devote their time to you. Try to understand why they buy what they buy as opposed to focusing on what you sell. If you can be clear on what challenges you solve and the opportunities you provide through your products and services, your proposition will resonate more with your target market. 

Clarity of Message

Like the above, your message is all-important not least in your opening gambit whether that’s on email, phone or social media post. Your opening statement is your advert for your business and if you get it wrong, there’s no going back. That means in your subject line, your telemarketing intro, your headline and in your choice of topic for your blog posts and videos. If the core message doesn’t interest your prospect, there will be little chance to move towards and engaged conversation about your services. 

Clarity of Customer Needs

Can you honestly say that you know your customer needs? Or, do you and your colleagues focus more on what you do and what you offer than the benefits that you offer to the customer? Ultimately, it’s about them not you. The only way you’ll develop rapport with your prospect is to tune in to their needs. They aren’t interested in what you ‘offer’. They only have one thing in mind and that relates to their priorities, challenges, projects and so on. Therefore, if your phone approach is to blunder in and pitch at them, it fundamentally won’t work. Focus on establishing rapport and building empathy. Understand what floats their boat. Start with that in mind and you won’t go far wrong. 

Clarity of Questions

In telemarketing, questioning is undoubtedly a skill. The art of asking the right questions is much under-used. But, if you focus on the right approach, it will pay dividends. Not least, it stops the caller from dominating the conversation. It ensures a more natural flow of conversation and, to some extent, reduces the chance of a sales pitch. It also interrupts the pattern of seller-buyer by demonstrating that the person asking the questions is genuinely interested in the needs of the other person. That assumes, of course, that you’re asking intelligent and relevant questions as opposed to just asking questions to which you need the answer and where the prospect doesn’t gain genuine benefit from the discussion. 

Clarity of Differentiation

Not only do you have to differentiate the proposition and messages from competitors, it’s also about differentiating your company and you as a representative of your business. Differentiation can include how your website looks and, increasingly, how you present yourself on social media. That could be visually on Instagram or Pinterest, and professionally in terms of your profile on LinkedIn. It includes the quality of content you post such as the videos and blogs you create. And, very importantly, if you’re on the phone or face to face, it’s how you come across personally. If you come across as a slimy salesperson, your chance of success will be minimised. 

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