4 Reasons your customer won’t buy from you

You need to generate new business but perhaps things aren’t going quite as smoothly as you’d like. Surely, customers should be flocking to your door given the quality of your products and services and your focus on delivering outstanding customer service.

The reality is that even ‘no-brainers’ quite simply…. aren’t. Whilst you may feel that you’ve got a great proposition that every prospective customer should desire, the fact is that they have other priorities. Budget is allocated elsewhere. And, the timing may not be right. Equally, any change means extra workload for those responsible for implementing new solutions and taking on new suppliers.
So, you need to do as much as possible to stack the odds in your favour. In this video and blog, we provide 4 reasons why your customers won’t buy from you despite the fact you may well have something they need.

You’re boring

Whether it’s on the phone or F2F, how energised are you about your business, your products and prospective clients’ business? If you’re not, you need to become more motivated about those 3 things. You need to get excited without going nuts and you’ll be more compelling.

Your products are boring

Do you do what everyone else does? Is there loads of competition? If so, what can you offer that isn’t run of the mill? Work out what differentiates your products and services from the crowd.

You look boring

If your website looks dull and lacks clarity and your LinkedIn profile could do with a good wash and brush up, you probably need to make that a priority for investment in the coming months. Today’s consumer is time poor and they make quick judgments about your online presence. If you don’t look like someone they want to do business with, they won’t.

What you’re communicating is boring

Today, content is king. Content is how your customers view your business and its credibility as a potential provider of products or services. If you provide useful info, you’ll attract more customers to you. If your competitors communicate better, you’ll be relegated down the shortlist of providers.

So, if you want to generate more inbound sales leads, work on these 4 things to energise your business. And, if you need some help, give GSA a call.

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