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10 Essential Objection Handling Techniques for Telemarketing Success – GSA

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There are innumerable techniques for dealing with difficult buyer objections on the phone. No technique will work every time but it is about improving success ratios.

Dealing with objections is a skill a telemarketer must master and there are a number of elements to deliver the best outcome:

      • A process to deal with the objection
      • The conviction that what we have is of value to the buyer
      • Confidence to deliver the right message back to the buyer
      • Rapport skills
      • Excellent questioning and listening skills
      • Mastery of techniques designed to reduce the impact of the objections

Our essential objection handling techniques are shown below. There are of course lots of others.

Whatever you use, you should adapt them to suit your situation, industry, personal style, and the particular objection with which you need to deal.

1.  Bouncing the Objection back to the Buyer

Yes, you’re right. Some companies might find it more expensive, but you wouldn’t want your customers to be at risk, would you?
Yes. You mentioned that your current agency also offers those services but, as you suggested before, it’s a specialist area and that needs specialist support, doesn’t it?

2. The Helicopter View

I understand what you mean. I suppose it’s important to look at the whole picture. What are you really trying to achieve by using this?
OK. Why don’t we ask one of your technical guys to look at the options and we can do a demo for them? They need to ensure risks are mitigated, don’t they?
How does your MD feel about the obsolescence issue that using cheaper furniture causes?

3. Low-Intensity Questioning

That’s really interesting. Most of our customers want hard-wearing products that offer resilience.  Out of interest, what is it in your business that makes that less of an issue?

4. Feel, Felt, Found:

I know how you feel, Bob. Budgets are always tight.  A lot of our clients felt that way. What they found was that the effectiveness of using our maintenance meant that they got better results so they allocated budget from things they felt were less of a priority.

5. Justify the Reason

Yes, that’s a fair point. This solution is more expensive than the other option but it is built to last and a lot of our clients have told us that in the past they felt the cheaper alternatives they used were a false economy.

6. Beat them to it

You know the objection is coming so hit it head-on – I know that you typically use competitor products because of their low price but we’re getting a lot of customer demand for our product due to the concerns over durability with the cheaper options.

7. Challenge the objection.

I can see why you say that. What’s interesting is that our clients tell us that we are the lowest-cost supplier. To what level do you feel that we are comparing like for like?
Do you mind if I ask if we can check those figures again? I’d be stunned if our prices don’t stack up like for like even before we offer the 24-hour turnaround in addition.

8. Switch it Round

I can see that I didn’t explain that well. What our customers tell us is that ….
I understand why the cost may seem high, but our clients tell us that for them the risk and cost of not doing are higher.

9. Say it another Way

You said that reliability is key. That shows me you understand the need for good quality durable products.
When you consider how long it takes you now with the downtime, you might think about the free time it will give you to have a maintenance service.

10. Put the Objection into Perspective

I totally understand that price is an issue. Do you mind me asking, what level of risk/downtime/failure rate/breakage, etc] your organization is willing to accept?
Handling telemarketing objections is part of skills and practice. It is absolutely about confidence in yourself and your proposition. You cannot allow the objection to rile or intimidate you. It also about recognizing that you will never convince everyone so sometimes you have to say ‘onwards and upwards!’

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